04 November 2007

Maldivians are free within the bounds of law...and shariah?

Chapter 2 (The Maldivian Charter of rights and freedoms) article 4 (Freedom from restraint) of the new draft constitution says:

"A citizen is free to engage in any conduct or activity that is not expressly prohibited by law. No control or restraint maybe exercised against any person unless it is expressly authorized by law. "

now special majilis G.Dh memeber Abbas (brother in law of Gayom) wanted to amend this to include "...not expressly prohibited by law and Shariah". why should shariah come there? i mean ... it is not a clearly defined thing. what is bad in shariah for me might be what is the best in shariah for him.what i am trying to say is shariah is not a very clearly defined thing and there is no agreement among islamic scholars on most of the matters.So, i can interpret shariah any way i want, because there is no list of people who can interpret shariah given in the holy texts.

if shariah is included here, it might be manipulated for political gains by the government.It would be something like 'ghairu qaanoonee'. None but the government only knows what the hell 'ghairu qaanoonee' is. but when someothing becomes 'ghairu qaanoonee' they could be punished severely (a ghairuqaanoonee loud speaker can be confiscated,star force can crack down on any ghariqaanoonee assembly....and so on).

and the good news is, for what ever reason, this amendment was not passed from the special majilis. so it would remain as it is for now. and this was condemned by many people as an act against Islam and a step towards secularism.Those who voted against this are Ibra, Xray Athif, Kaanal, Shihab (all Male' members), Gn Atoll memeber Modi and President's appointed member Ahmed Zahir. I think they were acting in the best interest of the people in doing so. What Maldives needs is a secular state.This "100% muslim nation" myth need to end now. This is just a single step... there is so much more we need to do (only if any one there cares about this.)


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