26 November 2007

MDP sheikh warns against "dangers" of religious freedom

Ahmed 'B.A' Naseem, a member of the Islamic Advisory Council, National Council and the Congress of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has given a fatwa saying it is haraam to build places of worship for other religions in the Maldives, and warned against freedom of religion, describing it as a violation of (God given) rights of Muslims.

In his regular column on Minivan (a dhivehi daily connected with MDP) he wrote that "there is no way, building a temple on Maldivian soil will be legal in Islamic Shariah". Warning against the "dangers" of freedom of religion, he wrote that according to some Islamic Scholars; "it is obligatory for Muslims to destroy the existing places of worship (except mosques) after conquering a non-Muslim land". 

Here is a translation of the concluding lines of his article;

"Building places of worship for people of other religions, and letting them live in Maldives, with freedom of religion guaranteed by law, will leave Maldives in religious conflicts and unthinkable chaos, considering how things are these days. In such a situation it is most likely that, with the aid of millions and millions of dollars, and international conventions, and in the name of human rights; people of other religions will overpower Muslims of Maldives in the Maldives. May Allah save this country from such a humiliating fate! Amen! Right now it is important to think deeply about the assaultive activities of non-Muslims against Muslims in the name of human rights or in other such names.

O people of intellect. Is depriving Muslims of a right which have been given to them and giving that right to a people of some other religion in the name of human rights, acceptable to the sane mind? What glory is there being stuck in things, deceived by materialism?"

[Note:According to the constitution/bylaws of MDP, the Islamic Advisory Council's responsibilities are; creating Islamic awareness, forbidding the unislamic and enjoining the good, advising MDP on religious issues.]

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