14 November 2007

No 'unislamic' clothing inside courts

Ministry of Justice have released a new set of rules (a dress code) to be followed when entering the courts.Among these rules was one which states that the person entering a court"Must not wear; any clothing that typify unislamic expressions, or any of such ornaments on any part of the body".

Even before this, wearing of any such ornament or clothing in the public was not often tolerated those who did may have to face consequences. Many in the past have been summoned to police stations and even punished for such 'offenses' as wearing a crucifix.

Although the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives have not commented on this issue, they have already expressed concern over the banning of Face Veil (Hijab) from the court. The commission described this ban as "a human rights violation". Commission member Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Kareem said ... "if there is need to check their identity, female staff can do so; but face veiling should not be banned completely".

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